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Team Park

TEAM PARK is represented by Jimin. PARK participants,  most of them, are maybe known for being easily irritable, but make no mistake, people in this TEAM have a huge heart and are adorable.

The PARK  are also known for their duality in being sexy and the second later being cute, they are always oscillating between the two, driving anyone crazy. They are natural perfectionists, are always striving to make everything perfect and the way  they want.

People from this TEAM are night people due to their intensity, but they are easily confused as day people because they are extremely laughing, probably even laughing at the wind.

PARKs are outgoing and friendly people, giving the impression of being light and independent people. They have a reputation for being curious, questioning everything and everyone, and discovering everything.




team motto

Angel face, predator spirit

I take you to the clouds, I'm a great competitor

Together, with agility, we will win

Watch out, Team Park just arrived

team color


Gallery of all activities carried out by TEAM PARK

Team Score


Congratulations!! You win!

Almost there, you guys are doing great!

don't give up


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