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Team Kim is represented by the members: Jin, Namjoon and Taehyung. The Kims are known for being extremely charismatic, outgoing, and sociable personalities. 
They are people interested in enjoying connections, social and emotional. They are usually independent and energetic people, who allow themselves to read between the lines, as they are driven by creativity and curiosity, and tend to see life as an exciting challenge and full of possibilities.
They captivate easily and this is contagious due to their charisma, so they are always surrounded by people who look to them for leadership, courage and inspiration.




team motto

"Let the game begin

It's time to show who's gonna win  (2x)

Open the way the Trinity has arrived

If you call the Kims are going to play terror

Winning in the head and Team Kim in the heart

There's no one to bring us down, my brother

We have guts, we have strength and intelligence

In this parade, there's no one to beat us

The time has come to show who will win

The other teams can now sit and cry

I already said it, I'll say it again, Team Kim is in charge here (2x)"

team color


Gallery with all the activities carried out by the  TEAM KIM





Congratulations you won!!

Fighting! you are almost there

Come on don't give up

It's still far away, but you can

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