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era uma vez

once Upon a time...

a young man who was faced with a great adventure, an unexpected journey in search of a treasure...

people want it
people dream about it
it can be different
for each individual
can complete us
or it can destroy us
and that can change the world
people call it treasure


the sound of the wind blowing
from the horizon
the heat of the sun
crashing into the ocean waves
the vibration of the sand
beating like the hearts of youth
we are at the starting point
of this long journey


the freezing winds
can make us tremble
the heat of the sun
can make us thirsty
the vibrations of the sand
they can swallow us
but we will never stop


gold, eternity, life
honor, fame, love
does not matter
what do you dream about
so let me ask you:
what is your treasure?

do you want to join us?

- Long Journey

in our journey the treasure that will be in the X at the end of our adventure is LOVE. That's right, love!  

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