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HOUSE OF BTS arrived in Brazil

Warning: Scenario invented for the gymkhana.


The first official BTS store is coming to Brazil!!!

With an unusual partnership between Wiki Bangtan and the House of BTS store, you participants of the BTS HOUSE gymkhana were invited to develop a product that will be sold in the new store that is coming to Brazil.

What should be done:

- Each team must develop ONE product of their choice to be sold at the House of BTS store in Brazil, use your creativity;

- The team needs to prepare a presentation with the objective of selling this product to the gymkhana leaders, in the presentation they need to have everything. ALL. We want the full explanation. Use whatever you want, slide, video, montage, drawing, poster... whatever;

- The TEAM must choose at the end of the task, on the last day, a representative who will be responsible for selling this product to the leaders;

- Prepare the price of the product. This is important, obviously.

Good luck to everyone!

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