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Love Yourself

One of the main teachings that BTS has passed on to us throughout their career is to love ourselves regardless of who we were in the past, our mistakes and the difficult times we went through.  Even following BTS before this Era, Love Yourself was one of the moves that made me fall even more in love with them.


Lately with the easier access to the internet for everyone, and the idea that the internet is a free space to express yourself, I've noticed a lot of people demeaning themselves, many still struggling to get to love themselves every day. And with that in mind I came up with the idea.

-----> Write on a paper (minimum A4) for 3 days, the reasons why you are important!! Be honest and creative!


Take a photo at the end of the 3 days of the sheet, with you appearing or not (your choice), and the TEAM must make a montage with the photos of all the participants who performed the task.

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