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Invite a friend

And let's warm up! "first" task before the competition actually starts.
Each current contestant who decides to participate in this task must invite at least 3 people, and pass on to their team leader the name of the people who were invited and the evidence of the invitation.

If the 3 people you invite enter and remain in the competition, you individually earn 2 points. These points will be added together and will be the TEAM score.

What can't happen:
- Notify the leader about the person you invited after the person has already entered the competition;
- The person cannot just enter the competition to help you earn the point, they must want to participate in the competition.

What can happen:
- You can invite more than 3 people, however this will not increase your point.

If you invite 3 people but only 2 entered the competition, the points will be calculated.

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