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Welcome to the organizing committee of the BTS HOUSE final


Congratulations to  everyone who made it this far and who are now part of the organizing committee of the BTS HOUSE final.  From now on, BTS HOUSE and all current participants are members of the Bangtan Awards Academy!!

That's right, 'Awards'. Let's turn the BTS HOUSE final into a gala night and awards night. It will be quite a party!

But this invitation comes with some responsibilities... and the first is:

Each team (TEAM) must create 9 categories for our awards night, but not any category.

Currently, we already have the best team category, the biggest daesang of the night, which is given to the team with the highest score in the competition. But an award cannot have only one award, one category, and with that you will have  than create 9 more categories.

And with that you should create:

- 2 new daesang categories for BTS HOUSE;

- 3 minor prize categories for BTS HOUSE;

- 4 prize categories for ARMYS outside the gymkhana.

YES THAT'S RIGHT. The final will be open to anyone who wants to participate, and with that these 4 categories will not be able to  be related to the gymkhana.  

I will explain better these 4 categories.

After finishing this task, the chosen categories will be posted on WIKI BANGTAN's social networks for those who want to sign up, and on the day of the final a form will be created for voting, where we at the Academy, and only us, will vote for the winner.

You will not only have to create the categories, it will be necessary...


- create the requirements for each category, just to have an idea of what each category means;  

- it needs  of the category name to be displayed  on awards night;  

- and of course, the prizes. YES, the prizes!

The design of the awards. You choose how you go  present and create this part, through drawing, editing, video, whatever.

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