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Tabu é pra Jacu

With your entry ticket, you are invited to participate in 4 days of conversation and reflection on subjects considered 'taboo' by society but which should be talked about more often.
The lives were carried out with simultaneous transmissions on twitter and facebook, with professionals from various areas of psychology and sexology. Here on the blog are the videos available to watch again.
Tags for social network: #Nao_aoTabu and #Nao_sejaJacu
Live 1:
Theme: Today's Taboo is: Anxiety and Depression
Guest: Psychologist Nani
Presenter: Brenda
Live 2:
Theme: Today's taboo is: Sexuality
Guest: Sexologist Raquele
Presenter: Brenda
Live 3:
Theme: Today's Taboo is: Traumas, Phobias and Online Life
Guest: Psychologist Luiza
Presenter: Maria Clara
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