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BTS House

The BTS House scavenger hunt took place during the year 2020 and lasted 4 months, in order to get rid of the boredom and try to better the day of armys in Brazil (and the world) all over. Every day activities, interaction and various varied conversations, BTS House had 5 teams and two words that sum up the project: "Chaos" and "Fun".

You can look at the teams' pages, read the tasks that were requested during the competition and visualize what each team did.


Tabu é pra Jacu

A 5-day project to discuss 'taboos' {sexuality, trauma, phobias, fears, depression, anxiety}.

We had a team of professionals to talk about the proposed subjects and several volunteers to interact with the public. See a little of what happened in the project "Tabu é pra Jacu".


Solidarity Raffle

A raffle to raise money to help various social projects. At each raffle I will try to help a social project. The raffles will have different prizes in each one.

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