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With You

Released on April 24, 2022 as part of K-Drama's original soundtrack "Our Blues", 'With You' is not only Jimin's first collaboration with Ha Sung-woon, but also marks Jimin's first solo single.

Ha Sung-woon is a singer-songwriter, best known as a former member of the group Wanna One. Jimin and Sungwoon have been friends for a long time, and both are part of the Padding Squad, a group that also features EXO's Kai and SHINee's Taemin.

*photos of the two at the end of the text

Written by

Rocoberry (로코베리) e 지훈 (Ji Hoon)


Rocoberry (로코베리)


Jimin (지민) e HA SUNG WOON (하성운)

The following analysis will be related to the kdrama, correlating the lyrics of the song with what will be seen in the drama. So talking a little about "Our Blues", the drama revolves around the life of a protagonist group with 7 people, showing the ups and downs of these people's lives, the climax, beginning of life, portraying their stories in an omnibus format* with a background of Jeju Island.

These people have their stories intertwined in one way or another, some more, some less.

- Lee Dong-Seok (Lee Byung-Hun) was born in a small village on the island of Jeju, is not considered a sophisticated man, and sells trucks on the island.

– Min Seon-A (Shin Min-A), uma mãe solteira que acabou de se mudar para Jeju com um filho, e trabalha com Lee Dong-seok. Ela tem sua própria história que ninguém conhece.

– Choi Han-Su (Cha Seung-Won) was born and raised on Jeju Island, but moved to the mainland. But now he has returned to his hometown. He is considered a perfect city man.

– Jung Eun-Hui (Lee Jung-Eun), runs a fishing shop on the island. She is friends with Ko Mi-Ran (Uhm Jung-Hwa).

– Ko Mi-Ran returned to her hometown in Jeju, because she got tired of the hard city life.

– Lee Yeong-Ok (Han Ji-Min), who moved to Jeju Island, was a haenyeo (scuba diver) in the past. She is a brilliant person, but many rumors follow her.

– Park Jeong-Jun (Kim Woo-Bin), is a fishing boat captain with a clear and warm nature. He is a warm hearted man and is looking for a woman who won't leave Jeju.

*Omnibus is a compilation of several episodes in a single installment. It can be seen as a marathon; Where the individual episodes are edited together (with the first episode having the end credits removed, the final episode having the opening credits removed, and each episode in between without any credits), but are shown separately but in sequence. In short, it would be like a movie divided into parts.


I wanna be with you

And I wanna stay with you

Just like the stars shining bright

You're glowing once more

Right here beside you, I'm still

Walking wherever you go

You will live forever in me

Breathing deeply, within me


Just take it all

I'm nothing without your love

I promise I'll never leave your love

My heart is beating 'cause of you

Forever and ever, and ever

Only you can take my heart

Dear my love, love, love

I wanna stay with you


Memories are always full of stories of you and me in this room called heart

I don’t even know when it started

I want to tell you everything about me

[Outro: JIMIN]

Now I'm in the dark

Will we meet in our dreams

Breaking my heart

Here we are apart

I wanna stay near you

The entire song has a romantic, turmoil feeling, and looking back at the kdrama plot - where we'll see the highs and lows of the protagonists' lives - that feeling makes a lot of sense. We will see in the drama several characters returning to Jeju Island or even moving to the Island, the characters will meet people they knew and/or meet new people.

Even in the trailer we see a line ("Memory can be a complete mess") that we can parallel with a line from the song "With You":

"Memories are always full of stories of you"

During the 'Outro' of the song we find a phrase "Now I'm in the dark", which can represent the lows of a life, the difficult and complicated moments. And with that, both with the music and with the trailer, we understand that the drama "Our Blues" will show the complications and good moments of the journeys of various characters, we will follow the romance and the day-to-day struggles.

And you, are you going to watch the kdrama? Are you already watching, or have you already watched? Tell me in the comments what you think of the song. And the analysis?


Pictures of Jimin with Sungwoon



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