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Save Me

I dedicate this post to my best friend, it was the first BTS song that she got addicted (thanks to me, you're welcome), she only listened to this one lol and every time she watched the MV she insisted on saying that Tae was the most dramatic in the choreography lol

Alert: Scenes from the "I Need U" MV

"Save Me" is one of the most self-deprecating songs BTS has ever written, in my opinion, in the song an individual who doesn't find happiness in himself, who needs someone to be saved. But an extremely necessary song, because everyone has been through it. BTS came to talk about everything, to talk to everyone and for everyone, so "Save Me" is a song that touches everyone who listens to it on a personal level. But they didn't leave it there, because it's no use just showing that there are people who need to be saved by someone or who are only happy because of other people, not to mention that it passes, that you will be happy with yourself. And so they presented us with the song "I'm Fine", which is the opposite of the song "Save Me".

The Save Me video was shot all in one take and has a melancholy air; a cloudy day that conveys nostalgia, longing, sadness; a dramatic choreography to represent the lyrics of the song well.

“[Verse 1: Jimin, Jungkook]

I want to breathe, I hate this night

I want to wake up, I hate this dream

I'm trapped inside of me and I'm dead

I don't want to be alone

I just want to be yours

Why is it so dark when you're not here

It's dangerous how I'm wrecked

Save me because I can't control myself"

Everyone has this “dream”, this nightmare, better said, it comes from time to time, multiple times for some people, but it always comes. You will feel sad, down, alone, afraid, wanting someone to save you. It happens to everyone. It's normal, it's human, to feel in the dark after the loss of someone, a betrayal, a breakup, because that person was your flashlight in the dark. You feel destroyed, grounded, not knowing what to do or who you are, and you can even be dangerous to yourself.

In the MVs before this one, the boys were seen doing dangerous things because they were destroyed, lost, because they were in the dark. However, this kind of action in music videos we also feel and experience in real life, BTS wanted to show the reality. When people are grieving - whether from heartbreak, loss, etc., we tend to have mood swings where we throw ourselves into dangerous situations.

We scream for someone, beg for help, because we don't know how to control ourselves, because we still don't know how to love ourselves. BTS when they wrote this song hadn't entered the process of loving each other fully, they weren't in independence, they were still stuck in the wave that "Loving myself can be harder, than loving someone else", so we always opted for the easier.

"[Pre-Chorus: V, Jin]

Hear my heartbeat

He calls you whenever he wants

'Cause inside this field of black darkness

You are shining so brightly”

Our heart in the moment of despair, and loneliness, always beats calling that special person to save us, to be our light in this dark and chaotic moment.

"[Chorus: V, Jin, Jungkook]

Give me your hand, save me, save me

I need your love before I fall, fall

Give me your hand, save me, save me

I need your love before I fall, fall

Give me your hand, save me, save me

Give me your hand, save me, save me

Save me, save me”

I think that the act of falling is the most serious and most worrying thing for someone who finds himself in this situation, because when he falls there is the fear of never being able to get back up, never being able to return to the surface, staying on the ground. Falling into yourself to a dangerous and worrying level. So help is begged, a hand to hold, before falling.

"[Verse 2: Suga, j-hope]

Today the moon shines brighter in the blank space of my memories

It swallowed me, this lunatic, please save me tonight

(Please save me tonight, please save me tonight)

Inside this crazy madness, you'll save me tonight

I knew your salvation

It's a part of my life and the only helping hand that will embrace my pain

The best of me, you're the only thing I have

Please lift me up so I can laugh again

[Verse 3: RM]

Thanks for letting me be me

For helping me fly

For giving me wings

For straightening me out

For waking me up from being suffocated

For waking me up from a dream that was all I lived for

When I think of you, the sun comes out

So I gave my sadness to the dog

(Thank you. For being 'us')”

This verse from RM clearly shows the dependence of one on the other, nothing was done by itself, the other that helped him to fly, that gave him wings, that woke him up and that took him out of the dream where he lived.

"Giving your sadness to the dogs" would be like giving something to be treated as unimportant. Something that dogs eat but humans don't think twice.

Finally, RM ends by thanking them for being ‘us’, us and not me and you, us, as a single, unified, dependent being.

"[Outro: Jimin, Jungkook]

Give me your hand, save me, save me

I need your love before I fall, fall

Give me your hand, save me, save me

I need your love before I fall, fall"

NOTE: "Save Me" and "I'm Fine", as they are complementary songs, references were found in several other MVs, and in other content.

Comment made by Billboard about the song:

The final single released as part of the trilogy, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, "Save Me" solidified the group's dedication to an emotive brand of music that blends popular electronica trends with their hip-hop leanings. There's an overwhelming sense of despair and anxiety that pervades this expressive Young Forever track, but its incongruous nature prevents it from becoming awash in total melancholy. After taking off with chugging synths, a ticking beat, and Jimin's helpless opening verse, the song subtly builds towards its sweeping climax. And then the beat picks up mid-verse to lead the frantic chorus, which in turn descends into an anguished rap section. It’s powerfully subtle and one of the group’s most ambitious productions to date.”
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