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Save Me

I dedicate this post to my best friend, it was the first BTS song that she got addicted (thanks to me, you're welcome), she only listened to this one lol and every time she watched the MV she insisted on saying that Tae was the most dramatic in the choreography lol

Alert: Scenes from the "I Need U" MV

"Save Me" is one of the most self-deprecating songs BTS has ever written, in my opinion, in the song an individual who doesn't find happiness in himself, who needs someone to be saved. But an extremely necessary song, because everyone has been through it. BTS came to talk about everything, to talk to everyone and for everyone, so "Save Me" is a song that touches everyone who listens to it on a personal level. But they didn't leave it there, because it's no use just showing that there are people who need to be saved by someone or who are only happy because of other people, not to mention that it passes, that you will be happy with yourself. And so they presented us with the song "I'm Fine", which is the opposite of the song "Save Me".

The Save Me video was shot all in one take and has a melancholy air; a cloudy day that conveys nostalgia, longing, sadness; a dramatic choreography to represent the lyrics of the song well.

“[Verse 1: Jimin, Jungkook]

I want to breathe, I hate this night

I want to wake up, I hate