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✧・゚*✧・゚ Lights

"Lights" it's an original japanese song released as a singles on June 3 of 2019 at midnight, but later being re-released on the Japanese album, "Map of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey~" in 2020. The music video shows the continuation of the BTS Universe and also is linked to "Boy With Luv" MV. The "Lights" MV also generated theories for the album that came after "Map of the Soul: 7"

I will split the analysis into two parts, I will explain first only the necessary of lyrics, connecting with the MV, and then a more detailed analysis at the visual of the MV itself. So make yourself comfortable, grab your popcorn, and enjoy!

Written by

SUNNY BOY, Uta, Yohei

Produced by



Big Hit Enterteinment, Universal Music Japan

Performed by


The song's message revolves around the connection between BTS/ARMY, and between the members of BTS,where everyone is connected by music, by sound.

We are all each other's light, the light that lights the way, that makes the darkness of everyday life disappear. If we take a closer look, we can find a connection between the song "Mikrokosmos", which says that we are all lights.

"The lights we saw in each other"

During the MV we can see several scenes where lights appear, which can be indicating the ARMY or even the light of each member of BTS, we can also see a lot of lighting effects during the video, contrast between light and shadow. We even found a similarity between the "We are Bulletproof: The Eternal" MV, where there are several lights indicating the ARMY.