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"...Bloom like a rose

Float like a cherry tree

Fall like a glorious morning..."

The moment I met you I knew you were special, and you had so much potential. I want to help you.

Do you trust me?

Close your eyes.

Imagine that you are a cherry blossom flying in the wind.

Our first step is probably the most difficult, it will take practice, a lot of practice. And that first step is:


Let's start. Focus on your body.

How are you feeling?

What is it like to imagine that you are flying with the wind?

It's okay if you can't imagine. Let's make it a little easier.

How is your heart now?

Beating slow or fast?

Are you nervous? Anxious?

And your breath? Is it fast or slow?

Did you know that your body delivers through signals everything that is happening inside your mind?

So today your first task is to get to know your body. I want you to think: are you sad often? angry?

Take a leaf. Think. write to  first thing that pops into your head that makes you angry or sad often. Dive into that feeling, into those memories.

Yes I know. It's difficult. Painful. But go on.

After you wrote. How are you now? How is your stomach? Your chest?

How's your head? Your eyes...? Your breath and your heart?

Now take a deep breath. Slowly. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. It's over.

Did you notice how your body reacted to the memories?


I know it often feels like we don't have control of the situation, there are many things in this world that we can't really control. But you have control of your body. You are in control of your reactions and your mind. It may not seem like much, but it is.  You are in control of yourself.

In these steps I will help you to control your body and your mind, and thus will help you to deal with various situations in your life.

You don't have to send me what you've written for now, but keep this sheet. We will accumulate several homework during these days that we will spend together inside the Magic Shop.

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