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Welcome to your last day here at the Magic Shop

So I'll teach you the last trick of this week. 
But first I need to say something, remember that on the first page I ask you to promise to teach someone everything I'm teaching you? Then. Someone taught me all this, and I'm passing it on to you. I learned indirectly from a woman named Ruth, from the book ' Into the Magic Shop '. You can find the book in Portuguese, and I highly recommend it, because it tells the real story of a person who followed in Ruth's footsteps and it turned out great. I can't give my real experience as I believe I haven't gotten where I wanted to be yet.

I cannot say that I have reached the future of my 5 wishes. I'm still on the way, just like you. But that doesn't mean that my future ends with my 5 wishes, that your future ends when you fulfill your 5 wishes. We can always add more.

But moving on.

Today I'm going to teach you another visualization trick. You have already learned to create your own mental palace, where you will be able to store everything you consider important; he has already learned to see the world through his own eyes as a method of imagining his future where all his desires come true.
So today I'm just going to teach you another method.

First of all relax. Do all the steps you've learned so far.

1. Sit in a quiet place. Breathe.
2. Focus on what you want to achieve with this relaxation. And let it be positive.
3. Relax your body by following the steps I taught you, relaxing each part of your body gradually.
4. Use the method that works best for you. To focus on the breath; from the specific point; or the mantra.
5. Now try to visualize yourself with your desires. Your world where those wishes came true. See the world through your eyes.
6. Feel the positive energies of the satisfaction of having these dreams come true. The good feeling it conveys.
7. Where are you in this world? Who are you with? How are you? Gradually try to visualize more details. But do it little by little.

Now our new method is:

Visualize a wooden door with a glass in the middle. Your future is on the other side of that door. The glass is frosted, fogged up, you still can't see that future very well. That's basically how you feel, right? Trying to visualize your future with your desires. I get it.

So with practice (because nothing evolves without practice), you will try to see this glass more transparent. You are trying to visualize your future on the other side of that door. 

Do you know what door this is? From Magic Shop.

When you came in here and committed to living every second of this experience, you learned how to visualize your future, you learned to take control of your future, to dictate the rules of your life. Congratulations! You are one of the strongest people I know. I can't imagine your difficulties, but you can be sure that I'm 100% sure that you can overcome them all. Maybe not without some scars, but that's part of it and it only makes you a more perfect human being.
And that's it. Some final thoughts would be:
Remember that you can create a future for yourself, but often it won't go the way you hope or want, but never give up on your ultimate destination. Don't expect to change the people around you, and never try to change yourself for anyone else. Evolve! And always evolve, because the human being was not born to be one every day. Making mistakes is common and no one should be judged for it, but never forget to own up to mistakes and try not to make them again. And if you commit? Well... Mistakes are common. But we are always trying.

Maybe you can't fulfill all your desires, that's okay too. Sometimes it wasn't meant to be. But never give up! Always renew your dreams if you find it necessary. Don't get stuck where it doesn't suit you. 

I could give more advice, but I think I've crossed my limit lol

I don't know if you noticed but I tried to encompass almost all the tasks you performed in this competition. Create a Motto for your TEAM; Create a House; Who are we?; Hollywood dream... 

So for the end I want you to write on a sheet, or as many as you want, a TCC kkkkk Not exactly a TCC, just write everything you thought about this competition, each task, your experience, everything everything. And from this last day of the Magic Shop, write on a separate sheet just like you were doing on the other days, another sheet for your Magic Shop diary.

The TCC you will have to send me. Photos even.

And that's it. We have reached the end of our competition, I hope you enjoyed it!!
Until the next adventure.

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