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Tell me what you want most in life.

How many wishes do you think you need? Three? More? Any less? What do you want for yourself? For whoever you know. It's no use wanting vague things, that way you don't have a focus, you don't have anywhere to go. Be as specific as possible.

What. You. More. Would you like. At. Life?

There are no silly dreams, or "futile" dreams, and there is no such thing as dreaming small or dreaming too big. But you need to be specific.

It's no use saying, "I want a lot of money."
How much is a lot of money?
It's no use saying, "I want to go to college."
Wich college? Which course? When? At where?

Dreams are goals. It's a future. You go after that dream. And even though the path is turbulent, full of curves, you need to know exactly where you are going.
It's okay to have dreams that you don't want to fulfill, just to have a dream, but your life can't be reduced to that. Everyone needs a goal.

So think about what you want for yourself, for your life, for your future.

Close your eyes. Visualize this. But don't visualize THIS. Visualize yourself in this dream. If it's having money (which you need to determine how much), imagine you having that money, who are you with that money. Don't visualize a room full of money with you in the middle.

If it's a career, visualize yourself being that professional. How is your life? How are you?

If it's a college, visualize yourself in college. How are you doing this course?

But remember, there are only two ways to imagine yourself in your head. One way is as if you were watching a movie of your own. The other way is as if you are looking at the world with your own eyes. I want you to imagine what the world looks like when you have what you want most in life. Try to imagine the world with your millionaire eyes, or a college student, or a professional in the career you want, and so on. Imagine that you already have everything you want. What do you see exactly?

It can be difficult, because you will probably see yourself as if you were in a movie, as if you were a person watching the scene from the outside. Try to see the world with your own eyes.

It takes time and practice, but this is the last lesson I'm going to pass on to you. I hope you keep practicing in the days to come. It doesn't have to be every day, but never stop practicing.

Don't start by trying to visualize all the details of this world where you managed to fulfill your desire, try to see this world with your own eyes first, and with practice and time, you will be able to see everything more clearly and in more detail.

So today I just want you to write a list of 5 things you want to achieve in life . I'm not talking about those dreams that are just for daydreaming, I say dreams that you really want to fulfill. What do you want to have or be or live or really need. Open your heart before listing, be honest.
Be as specific as possible. No need to write in detail, but bespecific . We'll only start with 5, but you can have as many wishes as you want, there's no limit to dreaming. 
But let's start with 5.

Tomorrow on our last day we will work on how you will channel these desires.

And that's it for today. See you tomorrow!

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