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Oh! Hi! How are you today?
Are you able to carry out the activities I am going through? I totally understand if you're not lol believe me. Do what you can and feel comfortable with, because this is an attempt to help, but everyone has their time. 

And this Magic Shop will always be here, for when you feel like you need it. But my time at the Magic Shop is coming to an end, during this competition, of course. But you can come whenever you want!

In yesterday's exercise you had to make a list of 20 things in all, GOOD THINGS TO SAY for yourself and for other people.
It was probably difficult. So I wanted to say that you are a very strong, independent person, I don't care if you managed to do the tasks or not, YOU ARE A STRONG PERSON. Just being here reading this, just being there living another day, just existing and being the wonderfully wonderful person you are: you are a strong person!

Today's task will be just for you to channel what you wrote on your list.
Do you remember the task of creating your TEAM home? So, let's remember that task. Relax, you won't need to create a house exactly.

Have you heard of the 'Mental Palace' technique? Also known as 'Memory Palace', a wonderful trick to keep things in mind. This trick consists of you creating in your mind a "physical" place, where you feel comfortable, and there you will store memories, things you want to remember.

I'll tell you something, I've been using this technique for about 5 years, there was a period when I used it more, now I haven't paid much attention to my mental palace, but it still exists.

What I want from you today is:
- Create a mind palace for yourself, use your creativity, create one room only , or use somewhere you already know. But your mind palace has to be a place you know very well, because you're going to put your memories there, and you need to know where everything is. Oh and of course, it has to be a place you feel good about.

Another secret of mine, which until today only one person knows about it kkkkk. I'll tell you to have an idea more or less what a Mind Palace is like. 


Did you understand how it works more or less?
Mind Palace is a place where you can keep memories, memories, but you can also go to relax, ask yourself for advice in the form of other people, or analyze a situation from different points of view.

You're probably thinking I'm crazy, but thisreally  it works. I started with just one room, and over time it grew. And that's what I want you to do.

Create a single room from a Mind Palace. Close your eyes, you don't have to do the relaxation exercise you learned, but try to relax your body as much as you can. Imagine the room you want forming in your mind, visualize every detail, become familiar with the details. It doesn't have to be VERY detailed, just enough for you.

- Now, after you're done, you're inside this room. Now visualize yourself in front of you, because the exercise is 'you' telling you all those good things you've listed. Do this repeatedly. Now visualize 'you' giving you a hug. Channel the good things and love you DESERVE.

- Now visualize the person in your life who has given you unconditional love. Unconditional love is not perfect love or love without hurt and pain. It just means that someone loved you without expecting anything in return once or for a while. If you can't think of anyone who has loved you unconditionally, you can think of someone in your life that you've given unconditional love to.

Sit back with the feeling of warmth and contentment that unconditional love brings as you breathe in and out slowly. Feel the power of unconditional love and how it feels to be accepted and cared for, even with all your flaws and imperfections.

- Think of someone you love (from yesterday's exercise), visualize them in your mind palace, and intentionally extend unconditional love to that person, say the nice things you've written to them. Understand that the gift you're giving him is the same gift someone else gave you and will make others feel cared for and protected, even if it's just for a little while. Visualize hugging that person.

- Reflect on what it's like to be cared for, protected and loved, regardless of your flaws and imperfections. Visualize in your mind palace now a person you know, but who you have neutral feelings for, or who you just like (someone also from yesterday's exercise). Now, with intent, extend the same unconditional love to her, say the good things you wrote. As you embrace this person with love, wish them a happy life with as little suffering as possible. Hold that person in your heart and see their future. See your happiness. Let yourself be bathed in that feeling of warmth.

- Now the hard part. Visualize someone you've had a difficult relationship with or have negative feelings for. Understand that many times a person's actions are a manifestation of their pain. Everyone is an imperfect being who sometimes struggles and makes mistakes. Reflect on how love and acceptance impact a person's life. Now say the good things you wrote yesterday.

We are all imperfect beings, who make mistakes, take wrong paths and sometimes hurt other people, but who are struggling and deserve love. 

- Before closing your mind palace, visualize yourself again in front of you. Repeat the first step, say the nice things to you, channel that conditional love, 'you' sending that love to you. Hug yourself again. Ready. Now breathe slowly, you can lie down if you want. You can cry if you want.


After the exercise, write another sheet in your Magic Shop journal, write down how you felt, and describe your Mind Palace. You can describe it any way you want, drawing, editing, the sims, just writing, whatever; here there are no limits or barriers. Anyway you want.

And that's it for today. Any questions can ask, and if you want to get more information about my mental palace lol I'm always available. See you tomorrow, and take care!

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