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"Everyone has situations in their lives that cause them pain"

For all aches and pains, wherever you go, you  you can give it a little attention - clean it, bandage it and make sure it heals properly - or you can  ignore it and pretend it's not there, pretend it doesn't hurt or burn and just drum/hide  and wait  let go. Is this the best way to heal?

Of course not!

Every injury and every pain must be treated with care, so that it heals properly. If not, this pain will continue there, bothering you, sometimes it stops hurting for a while but it always comes back, and there are those bruises that are always hurting, for years.

But here's the trick about the things that hurt us and cause us pain, they also serve an incredible purpose. When our hearts are hurt that's when they open up. We grew up with pain. We grew up in difficult situations. That's why you have to embrace each  difficulty  in your life. I feel sorry for people who don't have problems. That you never have to go through anything difficult. They miss the present. They lose the magic.

So, welcome to the second leg of your time at the Magic Shop. Today I will explain to you, and try to teach you, how to open your heart through your pain.

"...If I told you that I was afraid of everything

would you believe?

All sincerity, all the time left

All the answers are here where you found them

In your galaxy, inside your heart ..."

Today we are going to remember that task that you probably found very difficult, but now I think it will be easier. LOVE YOURSELF.
Because the first step in opening your heart is caring about yourself.

We all misunderstand. Each other. Ourselves. situations. It's a good lesson to learn - that it's not all about us. We each choose what is acceptable in our lives. As children, we don't have many options to choose from. We are born into families and situations, and everything is really out of our control, decisions are often made for us. But as we get older, we choose. Consciously or unconsciously, we decide how we are going to allow ourselves to be treated, how we are going to live our lives, how we are going to treat ourselves. What will you accept? What do you not accept? You will have to choose and you will have to defend yourself. No one else can do this for you. 

In the previous exercise you learned, or at least I showed you some magic tricks, to try to silence the voices in your head, which most of the time only exist to be hypercritical or negative. Voices that often make us react in a way that is not in our best interest. Voices that make us relive events over and over again or wish for things that could or should be. 
So today you're not going to try to just silence those voices like I'm flipping a switch, you're going to silence those voices by saying nice things to myself. Strange? Perhaps you will find it at first. It will look like a lie because the voices in your gourd will tell you it is a lie. But it is not.

So today's homework is for you to list 10 good things to say to yourself. 10! You can write that on your sheet today.
Every time you go to do your relaxation, and go through all the processes you've learned so far (relax, empty your mind), you're going to repeat these 10 things in your head, it doesn't have to be out loud. You can repeat whenever you want too, when you feel it's necessary.

The important thing is to know that before anyone comes and says good things about you, praise you; you have to be the first to do this. 

The second homework I'm going to do today will probably be a little more difficult...?
In addition to listing 10 good things to say to yourself, I want you to list 10 good things (too) to say to your family, siblings, friends, acquaintances, and even people you don't like. Yes, even for those who maybe hurt you or that you don't like or even who you think don't deserve it.
One thing about forgiveness that many people misunderstand is not just doing good to others, it's doing good to yourself as well. Getting rid of a situation that was bad for you by wishing well for those you think don't deserve it, is good for you! And often those who hurt someone, were also hurt by someone.
It's difficult. I know. I know very well how it is. We all have our scars. But I know you can, and everyone deserves to be freed from their pain.
So that's it, your day at the Magic Shop is over for today, don't forget to list the 10 good things to say to yourself, and repeat whenever you think it's necessary. And also list 10 good things to say to your family, friends, siblings, acquaintances and who you think you don't deserve.
Additional note: if you feel the need to tell the people you've chosen the good things you've listed, say so! Do not hesitate! Everyone deserves a little push, many don't see good things in themselves, and many don't have the opportunity you're having to learn a way.
See you tomorrow!! 

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