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Hey! Your visits are becoming constant, I'm happy!

How are you today? Were you able to perform yesterday's exercises? Did you do it more than once? If yes, great. If not, no problem, don't worry.  

So you have so far learned that your body reflects what is going on in your mind, and consequently what is going on in your heart. Everything provokes a reaction. And that defines how you will react in certain situations.

And you also learned a relaxation method yesterday. Which serves to control the body. With a lot of practice, this method will become common, the calm state will always be present in you.

In just these two days, you already have powerful weapons in your hands, and some magic tricks to  regulate your  physiological response to chronic stress and 'threat' situations.

Well, sit down. Take a deep breath.

Today we are going to talk about Thinking about thinking .

...It's time to do something about all those voices in your head...

...when I hate being myself

When I just want to disappear forever...

...I always wanted to be  best

So I was impatient and anxious all the time

Comparing myself to others was my day-to-day ...

Did you understand what we are going to talk about?

Probably the worst obstacle when you tried to relax yesterday... Did you figure it out?

One of the hardest things is trying to silence those voices in your head, right? It happens to everyone. Everyone has a little voice there, saying things, getting in your way sometimes.

Let's call these voices the Narrator.


Who is this Narrator? You, right?

It's you talking to yourself. It's kind of bad to think that you  Could you say such horrible things about yourself? But happens. Sometimes this Storyteller has a different voice, but it's still you.

That voice in your head is judging every second of your life as good or bad. And your mind responds to what the voice is telling you. Like I really know you

But she doesn't know you. You, the real you is this one, flesh and blood. Even though that Storyteller is you, he's not really you. Confused?

So answer me one thing. What the voices in your head are  telling you? What do you hear most often?

Now just focus on this: 

You are not the voice in your head. You must not trust this Storyteller. You are better than him. He is sometimes more wrong than right.



So let's start. Relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Try performing the same exercise as yesterday.  Only now try to empty your mind. I'm going to teach you three methods to try to clear your mind.


1. Focus on your breath, and if you start thinking, ignore it and refocus on your breath. It's not wrong when you go back to paying attention to the voices, it's just that you need to show that you're in control. FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH. It's hard, I know, but you can do it, you're capable of anything you want.

2. A candle. Well... maybe you don't have a candle there, so pick a specific point, or even a candle app will do. 

Focus on the flame, or that specific point. Don't close your eyes, just focus on that point. Empty your mind, always focusing on that point.

3. And now the last method: mantra. 

Do you know what a mantra is?

Mantra is like a sound or a song, a phrase, that helps your mind to focus. Probably the most practical method to control your mind.

It can be any word; something important to you or the first thing that comes to your mind. It doesn't have to make sense. The important thing is the sound and how it will echo in your mind.

Create a mantra for yourself and repeat it in your mind during relaxation, over and over again. It got harder to hear the other voices, right?

After all that, here's your homework.

- Redo yesterday's relaxation. All the breathing steps and relaxing each part of your body GRADUALLY.

- After relaxing, control your mind. There are the 3 methods that I went through today, the one to focus on the breath, the one on the specific point, and the one with the mantra.

- Do you remember the task of creating a motto for your TEAM? Well then, let's remember this task and you will  create one for you, that will be your mantra.

- Write on a sheet of paper everything you thought about today's homework, what you felt, if any method worked. It will be another sheet of your diary of your days here at Magic Shop.

- Also make your mantra on a separate sheet. You can decorate or not. It can be edit, or not. You who choose.

And again, NO NEED TO SEND ME. Keep everything with you for now.

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