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Hello again, glad you're back. Sit down. Let's start our second day here at the Magic Shop.

How are you feeling today? Were you able to relax from our session yesterday? Well, I hope so.

As you may have noticed yesterday, memories, especially painful ones, create reactions in our body. You may have seen this yesterday while remembering a moment that made you sad or angry, or both.

But today I will teach you to relax.  Breathing and relaxation are the first steps to taming the mind.

Are you nervous? Anxious?

I know many find relaxation very difficult, I am one of them. But it's not impossible, but it takes practice. And I'm here to help, so I'm going to give you 16 well-described steps to maybe make it easier.

What I want from you today is: RELAX

Take time out of your day for you. Put the electronics aside. Find a place where you can be alone, just in the company of yourself. You are here to get to know yourself.


After this exercise, I want you to write how you felt, if you managed to reach the end of the steps, and how it went, it doesn't need to be elaborate, it will be another sheet to accompany the sheet you wrote in yesterday's exercise. You don't have to send me, she's yours for now.

  1. Find a time and place to do this exercise so that you are not interrupted;

  2. Do not start if you are already stressed, have other matters distracting you, have been drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs, or are tired;

  3. Before you start, sit down for a few minutes and just relax. Think about what you want to accomplish with this exercise. Set your intention;

  4. Now close your eyes;

  5. Start by taking three deep breaths in through your nose and slowly exhaling through your mouth. Repeat until you get used to this type of breathing, so the breath itself doesn't distract you;

  6. Once you feel comfortable breathing in this way, think specifically about how you are sitting and imagine that you are looking at yourself;

  7. Now start focusing on your toes and relax them. Now focus on the feet, relaxing the muscles. Imagine them almost melting as you continue to breathe in and out. Just focus on your toes and feet. When you start, it will be easy to get distracted or have your thoughts wander. When this happens, simply start again, relaxing the muscles in your toes and feet;

  8. Once you are able to relax your toes and feet, extend the exercise upwards, relaxing your calves and thighs;

  9. Then relax your abdomen and chest muscles;

  10. Then think about your spine and relax the muscles along your entire spine and up to your shoulders and neck;

  11. Finally, relax your face and scalp muscles;

  12. As you are able to extend the relaxation of the muscles in your body, notice that there is a serenity overcoming you. May you feel good. At this point, it's not uncommon to feel sleepy or even fall asleep. This is OK. It may take several tries to get to this point and be able to maintain that feeling of being relaxed without falling asleep. Be patient. Be kind to yourself;

  13. Now focus on your heart and think about relaxing your heart muscle as you breathe in and out slowly. You will find that your heart rate will decrease as your body relaxes and your breathing slows down;

  14. Imagine your body, now completely relaxed, and experience the sensation of simply being as you breathe in and out slowly. Feel the sensation of heat. Many will feel that they are floating and will be overcome by a sense of calm. Continue to inhale slowly and exhale slowly;

  15. With intent, remember that feeling of relaxation, calm, and warmth;

  16. Now slowly open your eyes. Sit for a few minutes with your eyes open and have no other intentions or thoughts.

It's okay if you can't do the full exercise the first time, few can. That's why I want you to keep these steps, and try this relaxation every day during this week of ours (and who knows, maybe you'll take it forward).

Don't worry, your other homework won't interfere or anything. You can try to relax as many times as you like during the day.

Well... that's it for today. Hope to see you again tomorrow. Thank you so much for your presence, and the Magic Shop is always more radiant with you here, and it will always be open!

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